Our photobooth

Take photos all night long

Unlimited use of the photobooth for the entire duration of your event. Take as many photos as you can manage!

Quality matters

Don't settle for anything less. We use digital SLR cameras to capture your the craziness, and print them in under 15 seconds on our photo lab quality printer.

Customise it your way

We design the photo strip your way. have as many or as little photos per print as you want. Make it a standard 4 photo strip in colour, black and white, sepia. Arrange it landscape or portrait. Even create magazine cover overlays for your star studded guest list.

Touch me

24 inches of touchscreen glory. Have the interface customised with your event theme to add that personalised touch.

Small footprint

Stairs, no problem! Fits almost anywhere and can be discreetly tucked away in a corner (if you really want to).

Stuff 'em in

With its flexible curtain, its possible to fit up to 10 people (or more) in a single frame! How you arrange yourselves is entirely up to you.

Socially social

Automatically have the photos uploaded as they are taken to your own secure web gallery and have it hosted their indefinitely. Optionally, we can upload directly to social networks of your choice.

Glam it up

Fact: Props increase photobooth craziness by as much as 83%!* Props come part and parcel of our photobooth. Choose from a wide selection of props to match the vibe of your event. *Unconfirmed clinical trial report


Our past events - if you attended one of these events, please find the link to the photos here.

A few of our clients